Equipment is an important part of your success.

While you will eventually be able to accumulate many different pieces, starting out is not the time to experiment. At the beginning, a decent sound board and sampler are absolute necessities. From there, you can gradually add more equipment or upgrade what you have. A karaoke machine may seem like a fun addition, but it is something that won’t be used at many of your gigs. Setting it up can be bothersome and not worth the effort if it isn’t used. Save purchasing one for a time when you know what the majority of your clients want. That way, you won’t have it sitting gathering dust.

Having a wide variety of music is essential to success. While a younger crowd may be happy with house music, a couple celebrating their fiftieth anniversary may prefer you have a mixtape of all their favorite songs. At a wedding, they may have a preference for ethnic music and request a special song or two to be played at key moments.

Events with Special Themes

Find out what exactly is wanted at your first meeting so you have time to prepare. Events with special themes, such as Halloween parties, allow you to determine somewhat the kind of music that is required but for the most part, you don’t want to take chances.

Start out with a good selection of music and the basic equipment and you can’t go wrong. In time, your experience and collection will grow to the point where you won’t have to spend so much time deciding what is needed. It is a good idea to try and save a certain portion of earnings from each gig to help purchase more equipment or upgrade what you have. That way, you may not have to miss out on a gig because they want something you don’t have yet. Good equipment doesn’t have to be the most expensive, but you want the quality to be such that your music is clear and gives the impression of the musicians being right in the room. Our comparison page will help you determine which equipment best meets your needs.