Enhance the Mood in an Environment

Lighting is one of the biggest ways to enhance the mood in an environment. While most of the lighting will be determined by the customer and the place where the event is being held, you will need to decide what type of lighting you will be using in conjunction with the music.  To some extent, lighting will be used to enhance the music, but you don’t want to overdo it. Remember the caution about blending in where clothing is concerned? That same principle holds true for lighting. More isn’t always better.

We like to do what we call the “casino test” when we think about music. Think about walking down a street in Atlantic City. The lights are constant and bright. Every building looks like a male peacock appearing as flashy as possible. 


Online Casino

It is easy to become overwhelmed with all the lights with only a few minutes of exposure. Now think of an online casino (and go look at a few here: The lighting is subtle and easily adaptable to the user’s preference. You find yourself almost ignoring the lights, concentrating more on what is going on. You want your lighting to fall into that second category. The guests at your client’s party want to enjoy the music and socializing. By overwhelming their senses with bright, flashing lights or any other elaborate display you take their focus away from everything else. Not only will the guests begin to feel uncomfortable but your client may not want to have you return for future events. Give all your lighting the “casino test” and you will find that your music becomes the focus. In the end, isn’t that where you want the focus to be directed?