oranje casino bonussen host DJ Contest

oranje casino bonussen host DJ Contest

DJ Skills

Have you got what it takes to turn up the audience with your DJ skills? Are you looking for new opportunities to present your music? Join the upcoming DJ contest at the Tribute Square in October! Oranje Casino Bonussen is the organization behind this contest and is looking for participants who would like to join this exciting competition. Not only you can increase your popularity as a DJ, you will also be rewarded with an amount of 500 dollars! Would you like to know more about this competition? Just read this article closely and sign up for the contest.

DJ contests are a great way to finally be able to express yourself to new audiences. When you would like to become a successful DJ, you really have to consider that it will take a lot of time before it can finally happen. By organizing a contest like this, we can help young and unknown DJ’s by providing them a stage and an audience. The contest has no specific genre, so every DJ can participate. The most important thing about this event is just to have fun and enjoy your time on stage. The music will speak for itself and that is the main goal of the night; entertaining the audience. Besides regular music lovers, the night will be also filled with record labels who are looking for new talent.


Dreams come True

This is your chance to finally prove yourself and make your dreams come true! The ticket sale will be started in just a few weeks from now and we will launch the promo film as well. The event will be held on the Tribute Square and will be transformed to an official DJ hotspot! Oranje casino bonussen has really made an effort to organize this party, so we can expect a lot of this organization! In the beginning of september the Tribute Square will be dressed with the most amazing decoration, lights and the biggest DJ set you have ever seen.

Are you ready to perform? Just sign up on our website and we will get back to you soon. Unfortunately we can not allow everybody to join, since there are limited spots available. We will review every registration and that is why we will need a short demo of your music. Based on your record, we will consider your participation.



Oranje Casino Bonussen

At the end of August we will contact you about our decision and will publish all the DJ’s on our website! If you will not be selected for this year, you can always try it next year. Oranje Casino Bonussen has already announced that this will be a yearly event.

If you have signed up for the competition, we can provide you with a workshop where we can prepare you for your first gig. In The Mix DJ’s will do whatever it takes to help you during the preparation process, in order to let you shine on stage! Contact us to for more information about the event, house rules and other related topics. If you are interested in one of the many workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us!